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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic ITDG

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"Rubbish! Rubbish! RUBBISH!" Venerable Flameless roared his eyes turning red. " You are also a spy from the Demon God's Sect as well, just like Nie Li! That's how you obtained such cultivation, and why you are protecting that boy!"

Shen Tian's face turned cold. He was getting pissed off by how Venerable Flameless was acting, way too shameless. That was the type he hated the most in his life.

"Do you think I do not dare to kill you?"

"You dare to kill me?! My master, Hierarch Skycloud would smack you away if you dare to kill me! Spies of the Demon God's sect have no place in our Divine Feathers Sect!" Venerable Flameless was running out of breath as he spoke.

The Divine Blade of Fire appeared on Shen Tian's hand. He was running out of patience, he did not care if the Martial Ancestors of the Divine Feathers Sect wanted to kill him after this.

"Please stop Junior Brother Tian…" A voice boomed out inside Shen Tian's mind who was just about to swing the Divine Blade of Fire on his hand.

"What do you want Hierarch Skycloud?" Shen Tian snorted, not offering any kind of respect to Hierarch Skycloud. To have such a disciple meant that this man's heart was not as clear as

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