I Will Shatter the Heavens

I Will Shatter the Heavens IWSH

Author: handsome_lord

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Xiao Feng opened his eyes. He was surprised. He's not in the arena anymore. He was greeted by the familiar sight of his room.
"Did you have a nice sleep?" He heard a familiar voice. A lady in red resurfaced in front of him wearing a beautiful smile.
"What happened?" He asked.
"You've lost control out of anger. You killed that Mo kid in a crazy manner." The lady in red answered. She waved her hand and a projection of what happened was projected in the air.

Xiao Feng was stunned. It feels like the hologram in his previous world.
The lady in red sure knows his technology that she can do something like that.
Xiao Feng watched the scene. He saw how he put Mo Xiang into Humiliation and how the celestial pam technique: palm of the death god has killed his opponent.
The lady smiled at him. "It's alright. You are good in battle and you can even create a technique of your own in a single whip." The lady praised him.
Xiao Feng's stomach produced a growling sound.
The lady in red chuckled.
She clapped her hand and a servant entered the room. It was Luo Qiqi.
"prepare a meal for your master." The lady in red ordered.
"As mistress wishes this servant will comply." She answered resp

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