The Power of Ten: Sama Rantha original

The Power of Ten: Sama Rantha PoT: Sama

Author: Aelryinth

4.7 (32 ratings)

219 Chapter Two Hundred and Nineteen – Sure, Let’s Call it a Training Montage... 4 months ago

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Zone 2...

"So, I count two hundred visible super-worm tunnels through this pass..."


Zone 3...

"Um!" Verd pointed at a castle-sized toadstool in the distance. "Is that mushroom moving?"


"Oh." Everyone stared at the landscape covered in a thousand types of fungi, seeming to undulate as if alive, despite the fact there was no wind, only a lot of spores in the air... and some of those winged things in the sky had no heads...


Zone 4...

It was cold, and the wind was howling through the pass ahead of them. Snow blanketed the ground, and the trees were heavy with white snow.

Shirley and Fido sniffed and growled. The dragons nodded agreement.

"Thousands of them," old Corgun murmured, his wings wrapped tight against the nearly gale-force wind.

Everyone looked up at the long, narrow Wake of the Land riding above us. Yeah, no way they didn't know something was coming.

"Should be fun!" Veis chimed, enjoying the climate, and everyone laughed softly...


Zone 5...

"Well, don't these look familiar," murmured Feist, shrugging off his new yeti-hide cloak. There were a lot of them, stacked on Disks

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