Ms. Vampire Angeline

Ms. Vampire Angeline MVS SHANANE

Author: Shanane

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35 Chapter 35: The Ending is just a New Beginning 3yr

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Lorenzo: You'll all die!!, Ggrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!
???: Ggrrrggggghhhhh!!!! (throws Lorenzo)
Lorenzo: Aahh!
Matt: Angeline!
Angeline: Shayne! Bring the woman!, Leave!
Shayne: Hey!, After this... You must explain yourself
Angeline: I will, Matt leave
Matt: No! I won't!, I can't lose you again!
Angeline: Then stay at my back
Lorenzo: Angeline!, They must die so that you can really become one of us!
Angeline: I will never be a vampire!, I'll cure myself!, I will find the cure!, AAHHH!!! (attacks)
Lorenzo: Ggrrrggggghhhhh!!!!
Matt: Angeline!!!!
Lorenzo and Angeline fight so intensely
Angeline: Aahhh! *My right shoulder* (touches her shoulder that had been hurt)
Lorenzo: Give up!, Beg me for your life and I'll forgive you, You know that you can never beat me
Angeline: No!, I'll defeat you! (attacks, flies so high)
Lorenzo: Ggrrrggggghhhhh!!!! (flies)
Angeline kneels...
Matt: Angeline!!!
Lorenzo: Aahhhh!!! (falls) This can't be happening... A weak... defeats me? (whispers, turns to ashes)
Angeline: Aahh! (falls)
Matt: Angeline!! (holds Angeline and places her head on his lap, kneels)
Angeline (raises her hand and touch his cheeks): What do you think will ha

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