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Learning Swordsmanship Swordsmanship

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The headband of Bummer was a Dominion, named after the Dominion tribe.

Long ago, the Dominion tribe lived in the Domo world. It was peaceful, quiet and fun loving planet. They used to grow crops, harvest and trade for a living. At trade festival, they used to eat, drink and celebrate. Everything was going well until one day, the Ravagers invaded the Domo world. The Ravagers under the lead of Leether, wiped out the 90% of the population within a day. The remaining 10% of the population were welcomed by our world. They were given land to live, food to eat and other necessities.

However after that incident, there lives took a big turn. They were no longer fun-seeking people, they remained social with people but lost their colour. Instead of growing crops, they switched their work in making weapons. It's been 500 years now and they have become the greatest blacksmiths of the 101 worlds.

However, the Domo world was completely annihilated and as for the Ravagers, they completely disappeared after that tragedy. No one knows what there intention was to attack a peaceful world like Domo.

Coming back to the present, Bummer was completely astonished by the fact that my strongest

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