Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Author: 악중선

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638 High School Friend— Suk-Ho Lee (3) – Part 1 2 months ago

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Gun-Ho was in the class of the Advanced Center for Administrative Development at Seoul National University that day. The classroom was always noisy during the break because of the students' constant chit-chat.
The students in that class were mostly the people with high social positions, and their chit-chats were full of critical and nutritious information, accordingly. Many of them also knew very interesting stories behind some certain social events and affairs, and they were busy sharing those stories.

A congressman came forward in front of the class and made a suggestion.
"It's late fall, and we are having very nice weather these days. We should be outside and get together. Mr. Class President should preside over a gathering like this, but our class president doesn't seem to be so willing to do so. Is there anyone in our class who would make a plan and arrange the gathering for the class?"
"Let's do that!"
"I'm in!"
"Yes, we definitely should get together outside the class."

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