Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Author: 악중선

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641 High School Friend— Suk-Ho Lee (4) – Part 2 2 months ago

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Gun-Ho walked to his office on the second floor.
President Song came to Gun-Ho's office when he learned that Gun-Ho was there.
"It seems that we produced some defective products, right?"
"As we have more and more new hires at the production site, some defective products were found. Some of the new workers are showing their lack of work experience. I visited the production site this morning and talked to Director Park about it."
"Do I have to worry about it? Were there many defective products?"
"No, sir. We caught it early, and stopped the production line right away before manufacturing many of the same defective products. It will incur us around 4 million won worth of damage though. The parts that we received from vendor companies were fine, and it looks like that we made mistakes while assembling them. I guess that we didn't perfectly train the new hires during the training. We will have to enhance our OJT (On the Job Training) system."
"Hmm, I see."

"A Electronics' factory

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