Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Author: 악중선

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647 Actress Lia and Aikko (2) – Part 2 2 months ago

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Gun-Ho and Aikko came back to Daikanyama and had their early dinner together. Gun-Ho was then getting ready to go to the airport.
"Oppa, you are like a wind to me."
"A wind?"
"Yeah. You come to me like a wind and leave me like a wind too."
Gun-Ho hugged Aikko tightly.
"You can then be a flower that attracts the wind."
Gun-Ho gave a deep kiss to Aikko. He then pulled out an envelope from the inner pocket of his blazer.
"This is for your living expenses. I want you to have delicious food."
Aikko smiled sadly as she took the envelope from him. That was the way she always smiled every time she took money from Gun-Ho.

Gun-Ho arrived at Gimpo International Airport. It was getting dark. Chan-Ho Eom was waiting for Gun-Ho to pick him up.
"The business in Tokyo must be stressful and busy. You seem to lose some weight."
"Me? What are you talking about? How possibly could I lose enough weight to be noticed within two days?"
"But, you do look like you have lost s

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