Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Author: 악중선

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650 First Vendor Company (2) – Part 1 2 months ago

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It was Tuesday, and Gun-Ho went to work in GH Building, Sinsa Town.
When he was in his office, he received a call from President Jeong-Sook Shin who was in Shanghai City for the contract signing.
"We signed the contract yesterday. There were a lot of journalists to cover it."
"That's good."
"I am leaving for Korea soon, sir."
"Okay, Mr. President Shin. If you want to take a look around Shanghai City for sightseeing and enjoy Chinese food, please do so."
"We have a female worker— Ms. Hyeong-Sook Noh— in GH Media. She handles our accounting and general affairs. I left our company's bank book and stamp with her. If you need to make an international fund transfer with GH Media's name, you can ask her to do the job."
"Okay. I promised Huanle Shiji's president— Mr. Baogang Chen— that I would send 1 million dollars once their casting is completed. I think I will have to send it today. Especially, the formal contract is now signed by both parties, and it seems to be the right time to tr

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