Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Author: 악중선

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652 End of Year Promotions (1) – Part 1 2 months ago

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It was the end of November. Director Sim called Gun-Ho from Shanghai City.
"We will have the production presentation tomorrow. Lia came to Shanghai again to attend it."
"Really? Where is it going to take place?"
"It will be held at the event hall of the broadcasting station in Shanghai City. We could have reserved an event hall with a hotel as well, but we chose the broadcasting station which will give easier access for journalists."
"Will the whole production crew be there?"
"No, sir. There will be only the lead actor and actress, and President Baogang Chen as the director, and Director Yan Wu and myself. Oh, also two extra actors will be there too."
"Do they expect to have a lot of journalists at the production presentation?"
"We are not sure if everyone we invited will show up tomorrow. They sent out invitations to 100 guests, and they prepared 100 Ke Fan Quan (meal coupons) as well which can be used only on the very day. President Baogang Chen and the Chinese male actor will

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