Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

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654 End of Year Promotions (2) – Part 1 2 months ago

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President Song said, "I have several things that I'd like to discuss with you, sir. The first thing is about changing our organizational structure. The position of the product quality team is vague. During the Mulpasaneop era, it reported to the plant manager, and at some point, it was placed under the research center as well. Currently, the product quality team is reporting to me—the president—for convenience. But, I think it should be an independent department, just like the research center and the production department."
"Moreover, we now have to maintain our status as a five-star quality certified facility. And, the role of the product quality team is critical for it. Therefore, I suggest that we promote the product quality team's manager to a director, so it doesn't have to report to another department."
"The manager at the product quality team has been in the manager position for only two years."
"That's right. For that reason, I was thinking that maybe we can promote

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