Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Author: 악중선

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698 Meeting at the Secret Bar (2) – Part 1 1 month ago

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Gun-Ho was talking with GH Mobile's President Song and Dyeon Korea's internal auditor at the Pine while having dinner.
Gun-Ho continued to talk after sipping his tea, "Dyeon Korea has 6 billion won right now, that came in, in order to increase its capital."
"That's correct, sir. Dyeon Korea made 9 billion won profit last year, that is an after-tax amount, and it increased the company's capital with it. Dyeon Korea is now left with 6 billion won out of 9 billion won because it sent 3 billion won to GH Mobile for its investment in-kind— the factory building."
"And, Dyeon Korea makes 1 billion won per month. It's April now, so it must have accumulated about 4 billion won so far this year."
"That's correct, sir."
"That means that Dyeon Korea is currently holding 10 billion won in cash."
President Song's eyes widened. He probably hadn't calculated Dyeon Korea's cash in the reserve.
"Dyeon Korea has that much cash?"

"I want to split that 10 billion won into two, and establish a fa

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