Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

Story of a Big Player from Gangnam

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The internal auditor said, "We will include the wages of our researchers, the cost of lab equipment and machines, and the maintenance cost of them and also the chemicals that are used in the research center in R&D expenses."
"Please do so. Also, we will award those employees who have contributed to our company to receive the environment management system certificate of ISO 14001, recognition of our in-house research center, and the certificate of a startup company with technology. We will encourage and promote this type of hard work."
"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho continued his speech at the executive meeting, "Dyeon Korea has the exclusive right to do business in the entire Asia, which was granted by Lymondell Dyeon previously. For now, as part of our effort to expand our business to other countries in Asia, I want to have a factory in China and India. Accordingly, I made a suggestion to Lymondell Dyeon that we establish a manufacturing company in China and India, and I received their cons

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