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Ace finished reading both books as he gained basic understanding about the blacksmithing and different metals. There were many different metals which had their physical properties changed because of the environment and the Spiritual force. It was like a mysterious virus that would change everything and it was nothing but a magical force which defies science.

Ace still wasn't able to understand this force and to normal people everything Cultivators did was nothing but magic. To the genius, if he didn't understand something then it was just because his knowledge was lacking. There were no miracles in the world and Every chaos had some kind of order in it.

As for basic blacksmithing, it just explained how one can make Mortal level Weapons. There wasn't any magical process involved as you just have chosen an appropriate fire, melt the metal, cast it on mold and then strengthen it and shape it with a hammer while controlling your Spiritual force.

Ace was eager to make the new Weapon as every time he made something new, he would be really happy. Making better and better Weapons and even stronger and powerful Weapons was what made Ace feel alive. It was the only time when he felt

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