Level 0 Master

Level 0 Master

Author: Todol

3.2 (71 ratings)

16 Vol.1 - Episode 16 9 months ago

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"Hm? Well, I was busy training and studying. Wait, watch out!"

Immediately, several tens of wooden blocks attacked Ereka's entire body.


With a short scream, Ereka fell down.

"Hey, are you okay?"


Sungjin ran forward to hold her up, while Jenna looked on with a worried expression.

"I'm… okay."

"Hey, do you have a fever? Your face is red."

Sungjin placed his hand against Ereka's forehead. Ereka's face flushed deeply.

"You do have a fever. It's good to see you're working hard, but why don't you take a day off?"

"N… No. It's not that…" Ereka waved her hands in protest.

"Oh, I need to go! I need to work on some matters! Prepare lunch! Have fun training."

Ereka pushed Sungjin away, and ran off with short strides.

"You should take a break for at least a day."

She is cute when she lowers her guard, but I feel bad for her when I see her trying too hard.

Ereka stirred up his protective instincts.

"She seems to have a lot to do since she just took back the castle."

"That makes sense. Hm, I can't stop her then."

Sungjin nodded.

He wanted to tell her to take some medicine, but dealing with her period was something she

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