Level 0 Master

Level 0 Master

Author: Todol

3.2 (71 ratings)

20 Vol.1 - Episode 20 9 months ago

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"Forget about this and just train more. I will come up with a winning strategy."

"Yes, Sungjin."

Ereka smiled brightly with tears in her eyes.

"Oh, it's such a relief."

A knife tail hiding behind the pillar began to flap.

"Why don't you all step out now. You've already heard my answer."

At Sungjin's words, Jenna came out with a laugh while Rittier walked out with a cough.

"Oppa. Thank you for protecting the princess."

Jenna rubbed her face into his leg.

"And I'm sorry for being immature."

I'm sorry for forcing you even when I knew what was right.

Despite hearing what she really meant, Sungjin patted her head.

"It's okay. You are a child, so be a child."

Ah… Sungjin Oppa… you are… the best.

He was someone who really deserved the princess and Jenna.

"How did you...? I told you to leave..." Ereka started.

"We didn't mean to disturb you, but we were way too worried..." Ritter replied.

"Hehehe. Sungjin Oppa is the best! You gave us hope."

Her tail flapped.

Rittier nodded.

"That… That is…Let's all leave! You are preventing Sungjin from working on his strategy. Let's all leave." Ereka shouted in embarrassment.

I… They don't kn

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