Level 0 Master

Level 0 Master

Author: Todol

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125 Vol. 5 - Episode 15 1 year ago

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The Valkyrie announced.
[The fight has begun.]
The battle field had camps on each end, and there were two paths connecting them. Between the two paths was a huge forest.
"There are three paths for our enemies to approach us while we are only two. What should we do?"
When Sooryun asked Sungjin this, he answered with a playful smile, "What would be the way from the book?"
"To fight against many, we should defeat them one-by-one. There are five of them, so they would divide their forces, putting two on each path and one in the forest. That means we should find the robot that will be alone to make this fight one against one rather than two against five."
She was the leader of the resistance, and her plan was logical. It made Sungjin nod. "Yes, that is perfectly by the book."
"So should we do that?"
"No. You go to the upper path, and I will go to the lower path. Let's try to get items using the turret."
"We can… earn some time… but would it be ok?"
"Of course. Trust me."
But whil

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