Level 0 Master

Level 0 Master

Author: Todol

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132 Vol. 5 Ep. 22 1 year ago

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His daughter, who had volunteered to save the people who had been swept up by the civil war, had ultimately lost her life.

At first, he had tried to take revenge. He wanted to send everyone within that world to hell, even by a deal with the devil. He wanted to mobilize all the nuclear bombs in the current government's possession to destroy their lands, but… his daughter's will had wanted him to do otherwise.

Her last words recorded on his phone as a voice message willed something different than his desires.

Father… I love you…


These people…

Please, forgive them…

"What do you… want me to do!?"

A second chance had been given to him while he had fallen into despair: it was an invitation from the gods who were from "Valhalla."

He became the Kaiser and created a world where there was order and peace for his daughter after having extracted the souls of the people of Seryuu and of his daughter.

An absolute order for the unruly, and a world for his daugh

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