Level 0 Master

Level 0 Master

Author: Todol

3.2 (78 ratings)

136 Vol. 6 - Ep. 4 10 months ago

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The light that had covered his view dissipated, and Sungjin stood in a different place. "This is… space?"

It was nothing like the horizon. Stars twinkled among the dark emptiness that seemed never-ending.

On one side, where there was no gravity, was a planet of a natural earthy shade.

"Ho, as expected, you know of space. That planet on the other side is the Valhalla of our world."

Sungjin turned to the space where the voice echoed from, and there was… several hundred coffins filled with water… with a human brain in each and every one of them.


"This is the final form I have achieved. The transcendent knowledge arranged by hundreds of other brains. The wisest scholars over one thousand years have all gathered here. Of course, as of now, I have surpassed the calculations made possible from a hundred heads."

"Hmm. It's more like an 'us' rather than 'myself,' I see." Sungjin wasn't surprised, but he began to prepare for what might come next.

"Can you see it?

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