Level 0 Master

Level 0 Master

Author: Todol

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140 Vol. 6 - Episode 8 1 year ago

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The glamorous party came to an end. Everyone needed to rest for the pleasure waiting for them the next day.

Sungjin ended the party and let everyone go to get sleep and headed to his bedroom as well. He didn't need to sleep. He didn't even feel fatigue of any kind.

While walking, he started to think. Now he had this world in his hand, and he had eternal youth and immortality for a thousand years. He was also able to feel that his pure power had become stronger.

Now, if I had to fight against the Kaisers, I could win without any help.

He had everything he could possibly have. The only challenge left for him was to become an Arc Master.

This power. These abilities. This immortality. What should I do with all these powers, and what should I do for my team members who stood by my side until now? I'm sure they're waiting for it.

He knew that the girls were waiting for the wedding.

I would be quite young to get married back in my world.

Although, even on earth, in di

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