Level 0 Master

Level 0 Master

Author: Todol

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142 Vol. 6 - Episode 10 1 year ago

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The two crows came to Sungjin again. "Welcome to the sacred area."

"Such a foolish human, coming to find your destiny."

"You didn't know how to stop, and challenged the forbidden area."

"Pff. Stop the nonsense and tell me the rules of engagement and who my opponent is."

When Sungjin answered, one of the crows started to spin and explain. "Then this is your answer. Your opponent is the Kaiser of another Valhalla."

When a crow said this, Sungjin and his teammates looked at the other side again.

"Another Valhalla?"

"Yes. Valhalla is a battlefield made by gods, but they didn't create just one. Your world is Valhalla as much as the other world is Valhalla. There are two."

"Our opponent is another Kaiser…" Ereka murmured. Everyone was a bit relieved. They had been worried that an omnipotent god would come out, but their opponent was better than what they thought it might be.

The Kaiser of another world was somehow a counterpart to Sungjin with similar power, and S

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