Level 0 Master

Level 0 Master

Author: Todol

3.2 (78 ratings)

145 Vol. 6 Ep. 13 10 months ago

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Six magic circles appeared around the dark Sungjin.

Sungjin could read the words in between the cold hellfire burning within the magic circle. "The six major underworld commanders."

Astaros, Asmodeus, Belial, Beezelbub, Mephistopheles, Mamon. The best rulers of hell that ruled each region under the command of the great devil lord Lucifer.

"The six commanders…"

"Prepare yourselves," Sungjin could only say.

The fire exploded outwards, and its aftershocks spread out. At the shock, Rachel and Jenna tripped, and Sungjin gathered them up, and before them, six large existences of darkness appeared one by one.

"The lord of swords, Asmodeus." There were six large swords on his muscled back that had the wings of a bat.

Black butterflies gathered and formed into a seductive figure of a gentleman. He had a feminine side to his masculinity, creating a depraved yet seductive beauty. Perhaps to melt the hearts of women with a serenade, he had a violin in one hand. "The lord o

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