Level 0 Master

Level 0 Master

Author: Todol

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148 Vol. 6 Ep. 16 1 year ago

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Eustasia drew a line with her sword.

"I told you to rest, but you still hold a sword."

Sungjin's appearance stopped her sword for a while. "This is me resting."

"Ha, is it?"

"I feel better when I am distracted and moving my body." She raised her chin, as if to ask if he were "complaining."

"That's just like you."

"Hmm. You're not stopping me."

"Well, everyone has a different way of resting." Sungjin just laughed.

"Hmph. It's inconvenient to take a rest. I will make you win your final game."

"Okay. It's your trait to not give up." Sungjin nodded slowly.

"Hmph. Whatever." Eustasia turned her head slightly. I really almost gave up once.

When abandoned by her father, the king, she had given up hope. But Sungjin saved her. He woke her up and allowed her to dream.

So I won't give up this time.

I will definitely make Sungjin win.

Rachel prayed.

"What are you praying for?"

"Oh, Oppa." At Sungjin's question, she got up in the middle of her praye

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