Level 0 Master

Level 0 Master

Author: Todol

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149 Vol. 6 Ep. 17 1 year ago

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Chapter 10

Sungjin gathered everyone together. "Did everyone have a good rest?"


"And everyone's prepared?"


"Good. Then we should greet everyone before leaving. They do have a right to know what's going to happen on this earth."

"Announcing. I will do the final battle against the god's realm," Sungjin announced to the entire world with his power of a Kaiser.

His bright and strong voice rang. "The enemy is my opposite. He's from a parallel universe. He's the ruler of the Valhalla of darkness. He has burned his world and is trying to burn ours."

Sungjin knew that the entire world would talk because of his announcement, but he did not hide the truth, because…

"This is not only my fight. I will stand at the forefront, but this is also a fight where your fates are on the line. That is why I want you guys to be with me on this. I'm assuming you want to ask how you can participate?"

The only ones who could stand on the battlefield were Sungjin a

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