Level 0 Master

Level 0 Master

Author: Todol

3.2 (78 ratings)

154 Vol. 6 - Episode 22 10 months ago

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"So I am the winner."

Light and darkness. Dawn and dusk. All the power from both worlds was inside Sungjin.

[Following the pact the gods made when they created this world, other gods will not intervene in this world. This world is solely yours.]

"Got it."

Sungjin had a look at Valhalla.

When he became an Arc Master, his consciousness had reached a higher level compared to when he was a Kaiser.

It wasn't just eternal youth and immortality anymore. He was able to observe and intervene in different parts of the world at the same time now. He was also able to reorganize the world as he saw fit.

When he was a Kaiser, he was able to rule the world with his supreme power and give or take the lives of humans as a living godly king, but now he was an Arc Master…

I can reorganize the world as I see fit...

An absolute God of this world.

Kaisers were the top of the existing world, but now Sungjin was able to change the rules, materials, and even energy itself.


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