Dragon King of Apocalypse (Douluo Dalu 3)-Completed

Dragon King of Apocalypse (Douluo Dalu 3)-Completed DD3:DKA

Author: DeadZoom

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A Lion was running through a ceremonial hall with a frantic look on his face. It was moving past all the Spirit Beast that was in the hall and even knock some of them over.


"Watch where you're going."

The Lion ignores them all as he was approaching two huge doors in front of him. Pushing open the door with all of his might, it wasn't a surprise that the door produced a huge sound as the slam into the walls.

The grand hall was a throne room with tribal marking on the wall. Their different color trees center at the edges of the room and in the middle of the room they also line up nicely. There were torches around that was sparking with flames.

At the end of the room was a large ivory throne with two banners made out of leaves hanging right beside it. The banner had the symbol of a dragon head with six wings around it. It was the Dragon God symbol.

The Spirit Beast inside, turn their heads to the Lion that push opens the doors. They all narrowed their eyes but didn't make a movement, for they weren't told to.

The Lion shivers not at the stares of the Spirit Beast to the side but at the one sitting on a throne.

It was a large bipedal black spirit beas

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