Nightmare's Call

Nightmare's Call NC

Author: Get Lost

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460 Pursuit: Part 2 3yr

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The Centaur Lord turned toward the sound, and his irises suddenly shrank.
He saw a red-haired woman standing quietly behind both the black and mermaid giant.
She was leaning against one of the pillars in the hall, as she watched him silently. There were no weapons in her hands, yet the palm of her hand seemed to be holding onto something.
Even when she had nothing in her hand, she still gave out the feeling that she was wielding a sharp blade in her hand.
"Sensing my will means sensing fear and tremble. This is the will of the sword." The Centaur Lord stared at the red-haired woman as he saw her slowly raising her hand up gently, before cutting down in a slashing motion.
Immediately afterward, he saw a bloody crack appearing on the right shoulder of the black giant king.
A gush of blood spewed out and landed on the ground.
"So... it was not time that had stopped... Rather... it was use—" The black giant king crashed, and it looked on fearfully while it knelt on th

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