Nightmare's Call

Nightmare's Call NC

Author: Get Lost

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461 Pursuit: Part 3 3yr

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With a soft bang. The distorted shockwave was forcibly squeezed and flattened, as it tried to break through Lin Sheng's palm. Yet, even when his palm was barely a tenth of the shockwave's size, it was blocking it in midair.
Soon, the invisible shockwave had nowhere to go and simply annihilated itself upon Lin Sheng's palm.
The shockwave was simply dealt with like any usual shockwave as Lin Sheng just cast it aside without any effort.
That scene sent chills down the black giant's spine.
This was another top-level elite whose power seemed to be limitless.
The moment he understood what had happened, even he started to doubt himself. Did the attack he just launched was nothing but an aftershock?
If not for the fact that half of the shock energy within his body had been expended, indicating that the attack had struck true. He would have needed to reconsider his life options.
"How... How is that possible?!"
Upon seeing that very scene, the mermaid giant too wondered if his

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