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72 Feynman’s Technique 3d

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Feynman's technique was a god-level learning technique. It was very simple. First, one had to learn something. Then, one had to imagine that there was a person in front of them, and using simple and plain language, one had to explain this piece of knowledge to the person in front of them. If one could speak smoothly and clearly, it meant that one had grasped the knowledge. If one stammered, it meant that they had not grasped the knowledge, and had to continue learning and explaining until their explanation was smooth.
There were many key points to this technique. It was not as simple as simply teaching others. Moreover, the effect was extremely good. Otherwise, it would not have become popular on blue planet. This technique was even more famous than the physics magnate, Feynman, who discovered it.
"Who knows how to apply for the Mana Source badge?" Su Ye asked.
"You... should wait a few more years," Laker shook his head helplessly. If he dared not think about it, how could Su Ye dar

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