The World of Deities

The World of Deities TWOD

Author: Fire of Eternity

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73 Nidern’s letter 3d

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Nidern looked at Su Ye and asked, "I didn't think that you would want to run a chamber of commerce. This will distract you. Why do you want to make money?"
"To become a legend."
Su Ye's eyes were gleaming.
"It is very difficult, way more difficult than you think," Nidern said.
"I am ready," Su ye said
"Go home. I believe that you will pass this semester's exam." Nidern's tone became gentle.
"Thank you, teacher!"
Su Ye made an exactly ninety degrees bow, then turned around and left.
When Su Ye walked to the door, Nidern suddenly said, "Wait a minute."
Su Ye turned around and looked at Nidern in surprise.
Nidern pondered for a long time and did not speak.
Su Ye felt that there was something wrong with Nidern's attitude toward him. He stood there and waited quietly.
After a while, Nidern raised his head and looked into Su Ye's eyes. He said, "Shortly, Athens may experience some changes. Other than going to your home and school, try not to run around. Stay away from the Acropol

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