Long Live The Emperor!

Long Live The Emperor! LLTE

Author: Slicing Water II

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109 99. Your Highness Should Be First (Chapter 3) 4mth

Translator: LambSheepMuttonEditor: LambSheepMutton

He couldn't be saved. This kid was definitely going to die.

He only needed to tell the sect the truth when he returned. How could he help in such a situation?

Black Fox King ran all over the mountains and finally found a cave. There was a resonance with the image in her mind.

She rolled her eyes and decided to go in and take a look.

Just as he was about to enter, he suddenly felt a terrifying energy in the distance.

She couldn't help but look over.

On the top of the Infiltrating Cloud Peak, clouds were surging, and a golden four-headed, four-armed giant appeared. The airflow formed a vortex, and many unlucky black shadows were crazily heading towards the center of the vortex.

"Your Highness…"

King Black Fox was stunned. This was not His Highness 'move.

" Your Highness, Your Highness!! "

She muttered hurriedly and then ran into the catacombs like a madman.

"Killing formation, killing formation. As long as I activate the killing fo

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