Long Live The Emperor!

Long Live The Emperor! LLTE

Author: Slicing Water II

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116 104. Holding the Book of Life and Death, Sitting High on the Fengdu Platform 4mth

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Then, he began to experiment again.

For example, what would happen if ten Death Talismans were used at the same time? What would happen if ten Life Talismans were used at the same time? How long would the talisman last? Would it be effective if he randomly drew talismans? What would happen if he used hundreds of talismans?

After doing all this, he entered the netherworld through the "transfer station" that was the entrance to the courtyard.

The so-called netherworld was actually an interspatial zone.

If you imagined the main space as a constantly expanding bubble, this kind of interspace was a bubble within a bubble or a small bubble stuck to a big bubble due to some accident.

He left a message in the netherworld as the Yama:A month later, they would gather here.

When the other six members saw this message, they would definitely rush over.

After integrating the powers of the Netherworld, he wanted to find out where the aristocratic families were.

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