Long Live The Emperor!

Long Live The Emperor! LLTE

Author: Slicing Water II

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125 109. Killing on a Rainy Night 4mth

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"Turkic envoy, Tao Rurui requests an audience."

The voices came from afar and drew closer one by one.


Xia Xiaosu was wearing a dragon robe and sitting in the middle of the hall.

Hu Xian Er, disguised as a eunuch, stood to the side with her head lowered.

Because of the arrival of the envoys, the nine tribes and some of the officials appointed by the emperor all stood in two rows in the hall.

Outside the hall, a scholar strode in. When he reached the hall, he bowed slightly and said,"Foreign minister Tao Rurui greets Your Highness."

Hu Xian Er glanced at him and transmitted a message to Xia Xiaosu,"This person doesn't know martial arts."

Xia Xiaosu knew what was going on. She looked at the scholar sternly and said,"Speak."

Tao Rurui gritted his teeth. " Last year, our Tu Jue and Great Shang had a marriage alliance. Today, the Tu Jue King has sent a foreign official here. I hope Your Highness can continue with the marriage alliance. "

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