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Long Live The Emperor!

Long Live The Emperor! LLTE

Author: Slicing Water II

4.75 (69 ratings)

169 130. Entering the First Family Tree, Ming Dynasty's Twelve Killing Tribulations (5100-word chapter-To the Alliance Master,"Scenery from Beyond the Heavens") 10mth

Translator: LambSheepMuttonEditor: LambSheepMutton

Second, other than the first name, did almost no one else live for 500 years?

One could be an ancestor from 10,000 years ago, and a group of clansmen from 10,000 years later. The time span between them was almost completely empty. This was too terrifying.


Now that Xia Ji was in the family tree, everyone looked at him with a more friendly expression.

The family head dismissed the witnesses.

Marquis Bing Di left.

The Eldest Princess stood outside the palace.

Frost Monarch walked past her without looking at her.

The other marquises were all old fellows, and only these two were still young. The clan master was either one or the other. As long as he did not truly climb to the position of clan master, this battle would not end.

To Frost Monarch, losing the position of the emperor's teacher wasn't a complete failure. It was a headwind situation. Although he hadn't lived long, he had encountered headwinds before. He was calm. He turned the pag

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