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Long Live The Emperor!

Long Live The Emperor! LLTE

Author: Slicing Water II

4.75 (69 ratings)

175 133. Mother and Son 9mth

Translator: LambSheepMuttonEditor: LambSheepMutton

Su Yueqing sneered. " How can we allow others to sleep on the side of the bed? Feng Nanbei is the most talented person in the younger generation, and his character is also wild and arrogant. This manor is the closest to his residence. Shouldn't he come over to take a look? " Is there a problem?"

Frost Monarch snorted. " Ignoring the rules of the family, ignoring the orders of the family head, ignoring the seniority, this is called lawlessness…"

Su Yueqing said, " He will create a great situation for my Su family and establish the future emperor teacher at the beginning of a thousand years. He is not domineering and arrogant. Could it be that he is still hiding? "

If Frost Monarch wanted to hide, there were many people who knew the rules.

Besides, didn't Frost Monarch already pick the best one? But could he be the emperor's teacher? He couldn't even take one move from Feng Nanbei, and he couldn't even survive after entering the Mountain and River State Painting.

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