Long Live The Emperor!

Long Live The Emperor! LLTE

Author: Slicing Water II

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244 164. The Old Ancestor Came Out of Seclusion 4mth

Translator: LambSheepMuttonEditor: LambSheepMutton

Xia Ji was doing the daily tasks of the state preceptor at Mirror Lake while he was going to the Western Fire Field through the Inferno.

After this period of digestion, he was getting more and more used to the Black Emperor's avatar. He was also getting more and more comfortable with this power. The feeling of uneasiness that he had felt before was also disappearing.

His aura was extremely strong. Sometimes, when he opened his eyes, it was like an emperor opening his eyes, intimidating everyone.

Not long after, someone from the Su family came. He said that the family had an urgent matter and asked him to return.

Xia Ji thought for a moment. What urgent matter could there be?

Was it because the Black Emperor had been too fierce recently?

However, he still followed the messenger back to the Su family.

When he arrived at the Su family's residence, he saw two young girls sitting in a flood dragon carriage by the side of a long road in First Heaven bef

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