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Pampered By Mr President!

Pampered By Mr President! PMP

Author: Three Incarnations at the River of Forgetfulness

4.44 (88 ratings)

1415 Chapter 1415: who expressed their feelings first 1yr

Translator: Riise, 549690339Editor: Riise

The corners of everyone’s mouths twitched when Huo Sikai said this.
He said it as if he, doctor Huo, was in need of money?
“Sikai, by the way, how are you and the Leng family’s young lady?”Lu Jingchen could not help but ask.
Huo Sikai, who was gloating, heard this, and the smile on his lips immediately froze.
Everyone also looked at him with an aunt-like smile.
He smiled dryly. “What can I do with her? I don’t want to get married. Don’t try to rush me. I Won’t get married even if you rush me.”
Mu Siyin pouted and snorted. “If I were Jiaojiao, I would find someone who likes me and get married.”
How long had a girl been chasing him? Yet he still acted like they weren’t related.
“Yes, Sikai. I also heard that the young lady of the Leng family is quite interested in you. Why Can’t you understand? Could it be that you have someone you like?”
Old Master Lu was quite familiar with Huo sikai, so he naturally knew a little about him.
In fact, old master Lu was quite optimistic about H

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