I Don't Want To Reincarnate

I Don't Want To Reincarnate WTR

Author: Liuan Huayouming

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Translator: The_DreamweaversEditor: The_Dreamweavers

After Zhang weilei disrupted the gathering, everyone lost interest. Gao jialiang suggested that they eat hotpot and chat while eating.
Everyone agreed to this suggestion, but Chen hansheng found that Xiao rongyu was looking at him with a strange expression.
After they sat down in the hot pot restaurant, Chen hansheng quietly asked, ""What's wrong?"

"I'm fine."
Xiao rongyu answered calmly.
Chen hansheng pursed his lips and thought to himself,'although you said " I'm fine, " your face clearly says " I have a problem, hurry up and coax me ".'

Gao jialiang was still rubbing it in. Chen hansheng, congratulations. Next year, you'll be able to get a little junior sister.
"Next year, we'll all be in our second year. Everyone will be able to marry little junior sister." Chen hansheng misunderstood.

"We're different."
After that, Gao jialiang exaggerated Luo Xuan's story, saying that Luo Xuan's junior sister apprentice had sworn to go to the finance departme

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