I Don't Want To Reincarnate

I Don't Want To Reincarnate WTR

Author: Liuan Huayouming

4.45 (25 ratings)

113 Asura arena (I) 5mth

Translator: The_DreamweaversEditor: The_Dreamweavers

Of course, Chen Zhaojun wouldn't want a second child. Liang meijuan was just saying it out of anger. Having a second child in her 40s was very risky, and she didn't have the energy to cultivate it.
Chen hansheng still did not know that his mother was going to give up on his main account. When he changed buses all the way to Sichuan and Yu, he suddenly felt that he had not left.
He pushed open the familiar wooden door and saw only the little girl, ah ning, in the yard. She was sitting on a small bench alone and doing her homework. The dog and domestic cat were lying listlessly at her feet.

Now that he saw Chen hansheng, ah ning was no longer afraid. He ran over and raised his head to greet him, ""Brother."
Chen hansheng smiled and took out a candy. "Where's granny and sister?"

"Mother-in-law went to uncle's house, and sister went to chop wood,"
Little ah ning was not in a hurry to eat the candy. She slowly divided it into several portions, and Chen hansheng ask

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