Heavenly War God

Heavenly War God

Author: Yidam Of Poem And Distant

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198 The Xu family's threats, brothers "betrayal 6mth

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"I refuse."
As soon as Xu zhencang finished speaking, Xu tiance directly refused.

"Eh? You won't even consider it?" Xu zhencang's eyes narrowed!

master, I have no objection if you want me to kill other people, but if you want me to kill my brother, I'm sorry, I'm not a villain, and I can't betray my brother! Xu tiance said coldly.

"You've already guessed who I want you to kill?" Xu zhencang was stunned. He didn't expect Xu tiance to immediately guess who he wanted him to assassinate!

"Hehe, if the Xu family can't deal with him, how can I? Since you're so sure that I'll succeed in the assassination, I'm afraid that you can't find another person to kill besides my big brother, Qin bei, right?" Xu tiance sneered.

family head, let me give you a piece of advice. The Xu family better stay out of the feud between the Qin family and my big brother. Otherwise, it'll be too late for regrets if you get yourself killed in the end!
Xu tiance said coldly. He an

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