Spirit Realm Walker

Spirit Realm Walker

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Figures moved at the entrance to the underground parking garage.
With a cane in one hand and a gun in the other, Li Dongze rushed into the underground parking garage and quickly scanned the scene with his sharp eyes.
He first saw the unconscious Xu Yingying, then the less obvious bloodstains on the ground and a few damaged private cars. As a Scout, it was not difficult for Li Dongze to tell that there had been a short and dangerous battle here.
Xu Yingying wasn't dead, which meant that the situation wasn't at its worst yet.
The Spirit Realm Walkers scanned the scene with equal vigilance and speed. Immediately, they saw a figure walk out from the shadows of the back of the car.
Instantly, everyone instinctively turned their guns toward him.
"Don't shoot, it's me…"
Zhang Yuanqing quickly raised his hands and sized up the Spirit Realm Walkers besides Guan Ya and Li Dongze.
The muscular man in the gym suit looked like a gym instructor. He was at least six feet tall, his muscles bulging with power. He wore red half-finger gloves.
The beautiful woman in the ink painting cheongsam had her hair tied up in a classic bun. She had a graceful figure and looked quite old, but her fa

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