The World Is A Wasteland: I Obtained A Top Tier Shelter

The World Is A Wasteland: I Obtained A Top Tier Shelter

Author: Little Gourd Vajra

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40 Self-Sabotage 11mth

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Unknowingly, the sky darkened again.
Under the endless snowstorm, there was a shelter that seemed to never be drowned by snow.
Two thick white smoke emitted from the two black chimneys, making the iron shelter even warmer.
The shelter on the ground was only 40 square meters, and it was almost occupied by a large amount of firewood and two huge fireplaces.
A woman in casual clothes opened one of the fireplaces and placed a pile of firewood in it. After checking that there was no problem with the other fireplace, she quickly went down the basement entrance in the middle of the room.
In the 320-square-meter basement, seven people were doing their own things.
Seeing the woman come down, the bespectacled man, who was paring a tree branch with a short knife, looked up and asked, "Beth, is the fireplace okay?"
"Yes, yes." The woman quickly nodded in fear. "I've already filled the firewood. They can burn for more than five hours. There's no need to…"
Seeing the bespectacled man frown, Beth quickly went to the first floor to check.
At this moment, the bearded man who had been making wooden planks walked over and patted the bespectacled man's shoulder. "Du, are you thinking about

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