The  Strongest  War  God

The Strongest War God

Author: Luming

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With Braydon Neal's abilities, he could dodge or fight back.
But he did not do anything!
Heather Sage's slap did not land on his face, and she did not dare to actually hit him!
If she dared to slap him, Zayn Ziegler would dare to slaughter the entire Sage family. Everyone who had seen the Northern King being humiliated must die!
Heather's eyes turned red, and she shouted, "Do it! Let him kill me! You, King Braydon, are so powerful! You're the Commander of the Northern Army. You're so high and mighty that you can play with ordinary people like ants!
"Our Sage family might be weak in front of you, but I, Heather, will never beg you!
"Your cold swords only know how to bully women, children, the old and the weak!"
The tip of Heather's nose touched the blade, but she did not dodge nor retreat. Her eyes were filled with despair and sadness.
"Zayn, retreat!" Braydon looked at her with his deep eyes and scolded angrily.
The cold sword should not be stained with the blood of the innoce

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