The  Strongest  War  God

The Strongest War God

Author: Luming

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79 With its Protection, No One Would Dare to Bully You 6mth

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Grant Thomas had no choice but to believe Uncle Jared's words!
This was the person he respected the most, and he was the Thomas family's greatest backer. He never thought that the plain clothed young man sitting in front of him would have such a terrifying background!
"What's wrong, Grant?" Madam Thomas exclaimed.
"What kind of background do I have?" The corners of Braydon Neal's lips curled up slightly, with a bit of ridicule.
Grant came back to his senses. His eyes were filled with fear!
He really could not believe that the five great commanders in the world were all subordinates of this young man.
Just how terrifying was this person!
Braydon stood up and left. "You're overthinking things. Xana and I are friends. I was invited here as a guest. Do you think the Thomas family is worthy for me to be associated with you?"
His cold words revealed the cruel truth!
Madam Thomas' face turned pale; she did not know what to say.
What she said just now meant that she was belittling Br

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