The  Strongest  War  God

The Strongest War God

Author: Luming

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118 Who in the World Can Save Her? 6mth

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"Let me take a look!"
The sixty-year-old man's expression changed. He stepped forward to grab Ginny Neal's wrist and asked in surprise, "There's something wrong with this disease!"
"Take her pulse again!" The national doctors at the side all took turns to take her pulse.
Finally, Scott Lionel broke out in a cold sweat. He turned around and said in a low voice, "General, Ginny's disease is not only ALS, but also congenital aging!"
"What?" Qahira Sage had lost her voice.
A single terminal illness was enough to make Qahira and her husband despair. They did not expect that Ginny's small body had not only one but two terminal illnesses.
Each one of them was enough to take Ginny's life!
Scott said solemnly, "There are two terminal illnesses intertwined in the body. If it's only ALS, the symptoms would be congenital narrow meridians and blocked Qi and blood. After a long time, the meridians would be blocked, and it would be difficult to live for more than ten years.
"However, with you

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