Dominating Sword Immortal

Dominating Sword Immortal DSI

Author: Jian You Tai Xu

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373 The Island Master's Threat 6 months ago

Translator: SwammpedEditor: Hitesh_

'My goal of proclaiming myself as Astral Reaching tyrant is finally met.' Ye Chen wasn't being arrogant, but simply stating the truth.
In terms of sword intent, he was at the realm of Sword Soul Embryo, with a power rivaling True Sword Soul realm, and sufficient strength to contend against ordinary Sea of Soul realm sword artists.
In terms of cultivation base, although he was only at the late Astral Reaching realm, it was hardly any different from the peak of late Astral Reaching realm. After all, he cultivated a peak earth rank technique- Green Lotus Sword Arts, and had cultivated it to the peak of thirteenth layer. His True Yuan far exceeded experts of peak Astral Reaching realm both in quality and quantity. He was not inferior, but only superior.
In terms of mentalities, Ye Chen had attained the limits of thunder and wood mentality, followed by fast and slow mentality, then cloud mentality and earth mentality. Be it quality or number, he was at the forefront.
In terms of martial

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