Dominating Sword Immortal

Dominating Sword Immortal DSI

Author: Jian You Tai Xu

3.9 (483 ratings)

667 Arriving Dragon God Celestial Palace 4 months ago

Translator: SwammpedEditor: 3heryl

"Fifth grade Destruction Sword Spirit, this is indeed a true King Sword Spirit. Be it essence or might, both are king grade."
Previously, even though the peak fourth step Destruction Sword Spirit had a might comparable to a peak fifth step ordinary Sword Spirit, which was a king grade might, in terms of essence, it was at the fourth step in the end. However, as of now, it had finally upgraded to the fifth step Sword Spirit. As for the might, it was comparable to a sixth grade ordinary Sword Spirit.
"Fifth step is King Sword Spirit, sixth step is peak King Sword Spirit, and seventh step is Emperor Sword Spirit. Every step is harder to improve than the previous one, but the might also increases several folds. In terms of will, I'm already not far from peak King grade. At most, I only lack somewhat in application."
Ye Chen understood the terror of fifth step Destruction Sword Spirit. Previously, if he didn't use the Defensive Sword Art, his strength was more or less the same as Master

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