Dominating Sword Immortal

Dominating Sword Immortal DSI

Author: Jian You Tai Xu

3.9 (455 ratings)

674 Setting Off, Azure Dragon Hall 1 month ago

Translator: SwammpedEditor: 3heryl

Although the chariot was only an upper grade treasure, its usability surpassed even semi extreme grade treasures. Being inside the war chariot meant having an extra layer of protection, and this layer of protection extended to several dozens of people. On the battlefield, having an extra layer of protection meant having a higher chance of survival, and thus, higher potential of killing enemies.
Not to mention ordinary experts, even Ye Chen wouldn't be able to resist the assault of thousands of experts. If he tried to do it the hard way, he would simply be courting death.
Storing away the Golden Chariot, the two left the Treasury.
"Dragon God Envoy, you can set off three days later. There will be several core disciples as well as dozens of inner disciples following you. If possible, try to save a few." Elder Yu was clear on how frightening Ye Chen was to defeat Li Feng with a mere fingertip. Even the Great Elder said that Ye Chen's strength was not below his. With his strength, keepi

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