Dominating Sword Immortal

Dominating Sword Immortal DSI

Author: Jian You Tai Xu

3.9 (456 ratings)

704 Attendant's Strength 1 month ago

Translator: SwammpedEditor: Swammped

Days passed by, and eighteenth September was getting increasingly closer. Along with it, more and more Sea of Soul experts rushed over to towns and cities near Nine Dragon Lake. Even Sea of Soul Masters could be frequently seen. Such a sight would have simply been inconceivable in the past.
Restaurants and bars were filled with all kinds of discussions.
"West Ocean Sword Master, Liu Wujian's name is soaring in the heavens. Even Master Sky Sword was not his opponent. Now, I'm a little worried if he could really sweep all the geniuses of Sky Martial Region."
"That's too ridiculous! No matter what, my True Spirit Continent is the place most overflowing with talent. It's not something West Ocean can match."
"Don't speak like that. Who says a peerless genius can't be born in a desolate corner of the world? Moreover, West Ocean had always stood strong amongst the four oceans, with only North Ocean as its match."
"Eh, seems like this world is much more frightening than we imagined! Altho

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