Library of Heaven's Path

Library of Heaven's Path LOHP

Author: Heng Sao Tian Ya

4.4 (13,086 ratings)

1575 The Little Princess' Happiness (2) 3 months ago

Translator: StarveClericEditor: Millman97

Seeing the euphoric look on his younger sister's face, Luo Xuanqing said with a relieved smile, "Sword Saint Xing of the Zhang Clan is currently discussing the plans for the marriage ceremony with our father, and we have already accepted their betrothal gifts. Most likely, you will return to the Zhang Clan with that lad today. You should quickly head out once you are done preparing—the guests are dying to meet you!"
While he was a little reluctant to see his younger sister marrying another man, this was already the best possible situation there could possibly be. Such a coincidence was one that he never would have dared imagine to be possible.
"Un!" The young lady nodded before turning her gaze back to the mirror. "Help me check if there's anywhere that needs more tidying up…"
"Don't worry, Young Mistress. There's no one who could be more beautiful than you today!" the maid behind replied with a smile.
All along, the Young Mistress had been a cold and composed person. Who could hav

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